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Our Team

Free To Be Kids is based in Seattle and staffed by awesome humans who are passionate about battling gender cliches and spreading positive messages one fashion statement at a time. Here's our team, presented in the order that they came on board.

Courtney Hartman - CEO & Creative Director

Courtney Hartman - CEO at Free To Be KidsCourtney founded Free To Be Kids in July 2015. She is our designer, marketing manager, and jack of all business-y trades. She has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and most recently spent seven years in various roles at Amazon before taking a leap of faith in September 2016 to dedicate herself full time Free To Be Kids. Her sweet and stylish five-year-old boy and fearless, exuberant three-year-old girl provide endless inspiration for her designs, and she can't believe how lucky she is to run a business she truly loves.

Kate Criss - Social Media and Customer Service Guru

Kate Criss - Social Media at Free To Be Kids Kate is mom to two sweet boys and was a librarian, pre-kids. She had many diverse and fascinating interests before having children but cannot, at present, remember what they were. She does love to read, eat, and go to the beach. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram and get a smile out of our uplifting posts once or twice each day (we're talking super cute kids and very sweet thoughts), you've got Kate to thank. She's our chief heartwarming officer, bringing good vibes and inspiration to your feed daily! 


Coco Decker - Screen Printer

Coco DeckerCoco Decker is a poet, artist, organizer and dreamer based out of Seattle, WA. They received their BA in Digital Design from Seattle University in 2016. Coco uses art as a means to explore identity and connect and heal with others. They run Seattle's longest running weekly show, Seattle Poetry Slam, and have been featured at numerous spoken word poetry shows throughout the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about Coco, visit






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