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Our Team

Free To Be Kids is based in Seattle and run by awesome humans who are passionate about battling gender cliches and spreading positive messages one fashion statement at a time. Here's our team, presented in the order that they came on board.

Courtney - CEO & Creative Director

Courtney Hartman - CEO at Free To Be KidsCourtney founded Free To Be Kids in July 2015. She is our marketing and business manager and chief shirt idea generator. She has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and most recently spent seven years in various roles at Amazon before taking a leap of faith in 2016 to dedicate herself full time Free To Be Kids and later, in 2018, Hello Resistance as well. Her sweet and stylish seven-year-old boy and fearless, exuberant five-year-old girl inspire endless design ideas, and she can't believe how lucky she is to run a business she truly loves.

Dylan - Print Shop Manager

Dylan PiperA screen printer by trade since 2014, Dylan is an adaptable and self-taught Seattle artist that has always had an affinity for the fun and absurd things that exist in our everyday environment. He hopes to always be creating in many mediums- illustrating otherworldly beings, painting abstract visuals, and playing energetic and rhythmic music. While hailing originally from Texas, he hopes that his passions in music and art can take him to many beautiful places in this lifetime.

Simon - Production and Fulfillment Manager

Simon is Eritrean American, born in Alabama and raised in West Seattle.  He majored in broadcast communications in college and his goal is to work in sports in a marketing capacity. Having lived in Seattle for nearly 30 years and ever interested in the performance and entertainment, Simon has worked as an artist, producer, writer, and journalist in the Northwest.  In his spare time he spends time with his family in West Seattle, discussing Seattle politics, attending live events and shows, and is a founding member of Loosely Affiliated Artists music club in Seattle.

Tim - Screen Printer

Tim, Screen PrinterTim was born on a military base in Lawton, Oklahoma but raised in Cartersville, Georgia. In the summer of 2010, he set out on a journey towards Seattle and he hasn't looked back! When he isn't printing shirts, Tim can be found either hiking around the PNW with his wife Krista, or unleashing his creativity through leatherworking & playing music.

Cody - Fulfillment Rockstar

Born somewhere in the swamps on New Jersey but raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Cody has been a Seattle resident since 2005 and pretty much blends in with the weirdness at this point. He's been a musician since he was 14 and loevs playing shows with his band Aloha Mars. Cody does commentary for several Pacific Northwest-based independent pro-wrestling companies and spent a little over 5 years as a radio DJ for 107.7 The End in Seattle.