A new way of doing business

Three Ways To Shop With Us Right Now

Dear friends,

We're closed but not completely out of business because I (Hi, I'm Courtney, the founder), am working from home! The team printed batches of some of our favorite designs before had to close up shop, and I've got them at my house ready to fulfill. Find them all in our Currently Available Collection

I'm also printing just a couple designs per week myself in my home studio so we can keep those positive messages flowing! Orders for these Designs of the Week will be printed on Fridays and fulfilled over the weekend. This week's special designs are Be Kind Even When Stuff Gets Hard, a slogan coined by my sweet 8-year-old son that feels perfect for these crazy times, and Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright.

Oh, and if you haven't seen our Decorate-Them-Yourself Masks for kids and adults yet, give those a look! Turns out kids are way more agreeable about wearing masks when they design their own. (Seriously, it worked on my son.)

Finally, I'm working hard to add all our random extras and samples - which are all perfect, nothing wrong with them - to our Sample Sale collection. There are many things to be added and I'll be dropping them into the collection a few at a time, so keep your eyes peeled for awesome things at silly prices.