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Ethical Production

We couldn't claim love was our superpower if we used child labor, sweatshop labor, or harmful chemicals to make your shirts, so we take ethical production very seriously. Everyone who helps create and distribute Free To Be Kids clothing is treated and paid fairly, and we never use plastic-based inks or harmful solvents. 

Sweatshop Free Garment Manufacturing

Our blank shirts come solely from factories that are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified, which means our garments are guaranteed sweatshop free, and free of child labor. If a supplier does not have WRAP certification we will not even consider working with them.

Eco-Friendly Inks

Who prints our shirts, factory workers in China inhaling plastic ink and solvent fumes? No way - WE do! If you walked into our workshop you'd see a gigantic screen printing press, shelves upon shelves of blank t-shirts, onesies, and rompers, and a whole rainbow of eco-friendly, water based screen printing inks that we custom mix in-house to get just the right colors.

A Living Wage

Our hometown of Seattle is working toward the nation’s highest minimum wage ($15 an hour). Businesses with fewer than 500 employees aren't actually required to meet that standard until 2021, but we already do. Our employees also receive paid sick days and vacation time, and we're working on figuring out health care.

Shop For Good

When you buy a shirt from us, you pay about the same as you’d pay at The Gap, but all the humans who bring that shirt to you are paid a living wage and treated well. We’re very proud of that. Printing our shirts ourselves and selling directly to customers, rather than through retailers, allows us to be a cut above big chain stores on the ethics front without charging boutique prices.



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