Our Mission

The messages on our kids' clothes matter.

Free to Be Kids battles negativity and gender cliches in children's clothing with positive messages and stylish, on-trend design.

Free To Be Kids - Empowering Clothes For Girls


We offer children the messages that big retailers don't. For every "I'm Too Cute To Do Homework" shirt that tells our girls to focus on beauty over brains, we hit back with "Smart Girls Club." For every "Troublemaker" or "Eat My Dust" shirt that portrays our sons as rowdy and insensitive, we design a "Mr. Nice Guy" or "Love Is My Superpower." 


Free To Be Kids - Clothes For Awesome Boys


We celebrate intelligence and grit in our girls because their worth is based on so much more than just their cuteness. We celebrate kindness in our boys because they're more than just troublemakers and athletes. We think girls can rock shirts with tigers and insects and boys can love kittens, bunnies, and butterflies. 

At Free to Be Kids, we believe passionately that both boys and girls deserve to see, hear, and wear better messages. We put that belief into practice by designing positive alternatives to the usual mainstream options.


Free To Be Kids - Cats for Boys and Tigers for Girls

Fashionable Garments, Ethically Made

All of our garments are 100% sweatshop free, guaranteed. Every piece in our line is designed and hand printed in Seattle. All of our garments are sourced from suppliers whose factories are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certified. This means no child labor, no forced labor, and strict adherence to ethical production standards and local laws.

Keep in Touch!

We genuinely love hearing from our customers. Got a design idea? Feedback? Just wondering about the story behind your favorite shirt? We would love to hear from you! Email us at freetobekidsusa@gmail.com.