Ten awesomely feminist holiday gift ideas for the boys in your life

December 05, 2019

Ten awesomely feminist holiday gift ideas for the boys in your life

Oh, the holidays are a-coming, and you know what that means: hyper-gendered gift lists and tips from your favorite big retailers. For her: LEGO Friends sets and dolls! For him: Nerf Guns and Gender stereotypes and science kits!

Well, we happen to think gender cliches make boring holiday gifts, and we happen to know for an absolute fact that all kids like all different kids of things. So we're here to share some of our favorite feminist gift ideas for boys. Ready to smash the patriarchy one gift at a time? Let's do this!

A cleaning set

Kids' toy cleaning set

Kids think cleaning is actually fun, which is some kind of miracle. So let them get in on the fun and learn that housework - oops, I mean mopping and sweeping games - are for everyone! It'll set them up to take care of their place when they're out on their own some day, not to mention setting the tone for an egalitarian household later in life.

A Boys Will Be Good Humans™ shirt

Boys Will Be Good Humans by Free To Be Kids

Okay, we're biased because we designed it, but our Boys Will Be Good Humans™ tee has kind of been embraced as an essential feminist dude's shirt. It says hey world, I do not expect to have bad behavior excused based on my gender. I am a good person and deserved to be recognized as such. Boys will be boys? Naw, cross that nonsense out. Shop Now >

An awesome book with a female protagonist

Rosie Revere, engineer

Books about girls who invent and engineer and move mountains are awesome, but it's a common misperception that those books are just for girls who need positive role models. That's so untrue-- all kids need to read about awesome girls breaking stereotypes! Let's make it the new normal.

A play kitchen

If the guy on your list is little, like one or two years old, this gift will guarantee him years of fun. Play kitchens are big purchases - both in terms of cost and the space they take up - but man, they are amazing. My kids' play kitchen was one of their most beloved toys of all time. And who said these are just for girls? 

A kids' cookbook, cooking club subscription, cooking class, or some handmade coupons for cooking activities with YOU!

Mother and son cooking together

Cooking is awesome, and the more we integrate our little ones into the kitchen when they're young, the more confident they'll be preparing nutritious meals and snacks when they're older. Far too often boys are left out of the generational transfer of cooking knowledge, which is sad! I mean, we all have to eat, right? But there are lots of ways to bring them in.

Kids' cookbooks can provide a ton of ideas and inspiration, and there are some fancy kids' cooking subscription boxes out there catering to little ones as well. But our favorite idea is costs you nothing and pays off in quality time: make a little coupon book, with each coupon good for a cooking activity. This coupon entitles the bearer to one hour of muffin making time. This coupon entitles the bearer to a one on one pasta lesson! You get the idea.

OH, and if you have a dude who loves to cook or bake, we have a collection of baking graphic tees and aprons and a collection of cooking graphic tees and aprons as well!

A Feminist Like My Dad graphic tee (or Feminist Like Daddy onesie)

Feminist Like My Dad shirt

Feminism: who's it for? Well, pretty much anyone who thinks you shouldn't miss out on chances to do, be, play with, or wear something awesome just because of your gender. That means boys can absolutely be feminists, and so can their dads! Feminism is for everyone. Shop now > 

Tickets to Frozen 2, and maybe a Kristoff minifigure?

Kristoff and Sven from Frozen

Can we talk about how awesome Kristoff is in the Frozen sequel? We're not going to give you any spoilers here, but suffice it to say he is an example of very positive masculinity and we're excited that boys have that kind of prince to look up to! Kristoff is in touch with his feelings and he's a supportive partner - it's all pretty awesome. And in addition to this great role model, there are powerful, amazing women in the movie - including one whose plot line has absolutely zero to do with finding a man. Pretty rad.

Something pink or purple

Pink and purple dump truck

This may sound really basic, but so many boys are never offered a pink or purple toy or item of clothing, and it just reinforces the silly idea that colors have genders and boys limited to green, blue, and grey. From what I've seen a great majority of kids around ages 2-4 have a natural love of the color pink, but only about half of them are given license to embrace it. Give a little dude his first pink shirt or purple dump truck, and you'll be telling him that those colors belong to him too. 

A Boys Will Be Feminists, Activists, and Allies shirt

Boys Will Be Feminists, Activists, and Allies shirt from Free To Be Kids

The sequel, if you will, to Boys Will Be Good Humans, this shirt takes it to the next level! Put that goodness into action by standing up for others who are marginalized and need some solidarity. Be a feminist. Be an activist. Be an ally. They're big words, but simple concepts for kids! Teach the vocab, then help them put it into action. Shop Now >

A doll

Baby doll“Boy toys are often developed and marketed to promote aggression and competition while girl toys promote nurturing and relationship building,” says Jennifer Shewmaker, associate professor of psychology at Abilene Christian University. “Healthy people know how to balance all of these traits. Giving boys the chance to explore nurturing and connecting with others opens up opportunities for them to build important life skills.”

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Give that boy a doll! 


We design and create baby and kids clothes with positive messages and nary a gender cliche in sight. We believe clothes send a message, and our mission is to spread positive messages one fashion statement at a time.



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