Ten hands-on gifts for curious minds, because science is cooler than screen time.

November 23, 2019

Ten hands-on gifts for curious minds, because science is cooler than screen time.

We love science, and we love it when kids love science! So we've pulled together ten of our favorite toys, books, and kits that make science tons of fun. From candy chemistry to dinosaur digs, there's something here for everyone - and every single item is under $30.

My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit $10-15

A safe but exciting introduction to chemistry, this kit comes with everything you need to do a whole bunch of awesome experiments. The chemicals are basic and harmless, and the instruction manual walks little researchers  through eleven experiments, most of which can be done many times over. Throw in a little notebook so the budding scientist can record their hypothesis and observations for each experiment, and you've got many hours of fun.

Mega Fossil Dig Kit - $25


Talk about an awesome day of paleontology - your kiddo will get to dig 16 fossils out of a brick! There are dinosaur bones, shark teeth, brachiopods, ammonites and more, with a book describing every fossil in detail.

Ada Twist, Scientist (and other Ada Twist books!) by Andrea Beaty - $12-16

Ada Twist is a curious, inquisitive, natural born scientist -- and guess what? So are all kids! Let her adventures inspire your little ones and show them that their natural curiosity is really just scientific inquiry in action.

Snap Circuits Jr. - ~$20 

Snap Circuits is a super fun introduction to electrical engineering. Basically, it's a box full of components that your kids can use to build increasingly-complex circuits (which are all in the guidebook). To make it more exciting there are fans, sound elements, lights, and all kinds of other fun tricks to build. The pieces snap together like buttons so there are no wires to connect. Super simple and tons of fun!

I Love Science Shirt (or Dress!) - $16.95-$19.95

Got a kid who loves science? Help them wear that love loud and proud, and then watch as grownups ask them interesting questions about their latest experiments, rather than what sports they play or what Disney Princess is their favorite. This design is available in lots of colors and styles, including dresses. 

Candy Science - $26

Wait, science can help you make candy? Okay, science is amazing. If your little one isn't quite sold on chemistry yet, this will almost certainly put them over the edge!

Subscription to National Geographic Kids - $6 for 6 issues

Seriously the best kids' magazine ever, National Geographic Kids is packed with early-elementary reading level articles, word finds, fun facts, and other fun activities, with a heavy dose of animal content and cute pictures to keep it interesting. Add the incredibly reasonable price tag and this one is a recurring monthly win. There's also a National Geographic Little Kids option for children under 6!

Goldie Blox Engineering Kits - $20-30

Got an aspiring engineer in the house who needs to see some strong female role models? Goldie Blox is the way to go. They created their products to appeal to girls and get them into engineering, but if you ask me they're pretty awesome for everyone. Each kit comes with a story that brings it to life.

Math Rules Everything Around Me shirt - $16.95-$19.95

You can't have science without math. Math rules absolutely everything around us! Take it from the adorable math-ruled robot on this shirt. Its entire world is code, and what is code but math? Math is awesome.

Why? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything - $16

Want a little bit of all the sciences? It's got space, it's got biology, it's got zoology. It has cosmic stuff and gross stuff. It's chock full of mind-blowing facts your kids will love. Why? is a beloved part of the bedtime routine in our house and it's not just the kids learning new facts!

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