Gift ideas for little feminists, because gender stereotypes make awful holiday gifts.

November 26, 2019

Gift ideas for little feminists, because gender stereotypes make awful holiday gifts.

Gender stereotypes and patriarchal assumptions make awful holiday gifts! So here's a list of winners we picked out to encourage little feminists in their fight for equality. And a friendly reminder: girls aren't the only ones who can be feminists. Everyone should be one. :)

LEGO Women of NASA Set

Space is awesome, women are awesome, and women in space are pretty amazingly awesome. This 231-piece LEGO set comes with minifigures of Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, and it includes a booklet with information about their contributions to NASA. 

Little Feminist Family Puzzle

Little Feminist Puzzle

Looking for a way to spend some fun family time together and educate your kids about women who have made a difference? Puzzle together these 16 beautifully, colorfully illustrated portraits of amazing activists, leaders, artists and pioneers from Cleopatra to Maya Angelou, and chat about their contributions to our world along the way! 

Nevertheless, She Persisted shirt

Nevertheless, She Persisted shirt

"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." Was it intended to be one of the most awesome girl-power slogans of the decade? Nope. But is it? Oh man, is it ever. 

A Play Tool Kit

Tools are for everyone, and we should all know how to fix things! Introduce all kids to the concept of repairs and DIY projects at an early age, and they'll grow up believing tools are for them and they can fix and make things themselves.

A Is For Activist Board Book

A Is For Activist Book

If they're ready to learn their ABCs, they're ready to learn about being an awesome activist too! Finally! So here's a book to teach your littles about human values - and it's chock full of fun rhymes, beautiful illustrations, and skin of all colors. This is one of our favorites.

Girls Will Be 2020 Wall Calendar

Our friends at Girls Will Be have been making this awesome calendar for three years now, and it rocks. It features photos of girls doing all kinds of awesome things, from swimming and hockey to building and playing the drums.... AND it highlights more than 75 important dates in women’s history and introduces girls to tons of trailblazing women. Awesomeness all year round.

Young Activist shirt (or Future Activist baby romper)

From Joan of Arc to Emma Gonzalez, amazing young people have always stood up and demanded a better world -- and when kids speak up powerfully like that, grownups listen! Honor your budding activist with a shirt celebrating their change-the-world mindset -- because the world isn't going to change itself.

Goldie Blox Engineering Kits

Got an aspiring engineer in the house who needs to see some strong female role models? Goldie Blox is the way to go. They created their products to appeal to girls and get them into engineering, and each kit comes with a story that brings it to life.

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

An amazing book on many levels, I dissent discusses the life of a truly trailblazing woman, explains an awful lot about how America's court system works, and talks a lot about how Ruth's husband did most of the cooking and cleaning because YES, three cheers for sharing domestic responsibilities!

The Resistance Never Dies shirt 

Part General Leia. Part Notorious RBG. 100% Awesome. (And it comes in adult sizes too.)


We design and create baby and kids clothes with positive messages and nary a gender cliche in sight. We believe clothes send a message, and our mission is to spread positive messages one fashion statement at a time.

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