We don't want your Pride money.

May 25, 2019

We don't want your Pride money.

People have been asking us whether we have a Pride shirt coming out, and we don't. We're a queer-friendly company with employees of all genders and sexual orientations. In spite of that, we made a conscious decision not to release a Pride shirt. Why? Well, we really believe queer-owned shops should be the ones who get your dollars for Pride merch.

In fact, we believe it so hard that we are compiling and promoting a list of queer-owned shops that sell Pride merch for your littles, to spread the word and send customers their way. We found these adorable shops by reaching out to our customers. 

Two Geek Moms on Etsy

We found this pair of mommies on our very own email list, and look at the awesomeness they have for you! Not only do they stock kids' sizes, but they make matching grownup versions of those same designs. Even more cuties are available in their Etsy shop.

Two Geek Moms Pride Shirts for Kids



We are partial to their "I am strong because strong women raise me" design -- YES! Plus the way they branch out past the same sex parents to include pairs of same-sex aunt and uncle couples, so you can brag about your extended family too. Check their site for more designs.

Imagine Mint Kids Pride Shirts


5thStreetDesignCo on Etsy

Look how adorable! 5thStreetDesignCo focuses on making shirts for kids with same-sex parents. And hello, they're so stinking cute.


HelloPride on Etsy

A baby boutique specializing in LGBTQ+ baby gear? Yes, please!


LoveOutsideLines on Etsy UK

Super cute stuff focusing on same-sex parent families (and look, families with trans dads! Yay!), perfectly located for our UK community members!


Bold Look Apparel

Got two moms? They've got a selection of cute little slogan tees for you!


Intaglio on Etsy

Looking for rainbow gear? Here you go! It doesn't necessarily have Pride slogans on it, but man, it's cute. Onesies and kid t-shirts feature rainbow knitting motifs, rainbow cameras, rainbow fish, rainbow everything. 


I Love My Guncles

This shop specializes in rainbow gear that shouts out Guncles (gay uncles), Gaunties (gay aunties), and Pairs of moms and dads. And it was started by, you guessed it - a pretty awesome pair of Guncles!


Pride Socks 

Okay, these aren't t-shirts, but... you probably need an adorable pair of old-school rainbow tube socks to complete the outfit, right?



Drew's Tattoos on Etsy

Also not t-shirts but what an awesome way to accessorize! Drew is a trans kid and he and his mom have some great trans, non-binary and rainbow temporary tattooes perfect for pride. 


Rivera Customs

Their Pride line is primarily available in grownup sizes, but they do have a couple offerings for the littles - including this adorable set. Awww!


Queer Kid Stuff on Teespring

Better known for their videos that teach kids about, well, queer stuff - like what is gay, what does queer mean, and what is Pride all about? - this year they've also made a Pride shirt! Pull down the first dropdown to get to the kids' garments.



.5CC celebrates trans bodies and trans pride, and their awesome empowering shirts come in sizes starting at Youth S. Best part: Every purchase directly supports Point of Pride, their sister non-profit that funds surgery, chest binder, and breast form donation programs, as well as other efforts to help trans people in need around the world.


The Pin Pal Club on Etsy

These adorable pins will add some Pride flare to your outfit. And at $1.75, you're probably gonna need like ten of them.



Owned by a non-binary couple that couldn't find what they wanted in shops, NerdyKeppie has been making "Quality Queerwear" and cool geeky stuff for many years. They just started a youth section so you can find Pride stuff for your littles!


If you know more queer-owned shops that have Pride gear for babies and/or kids (please no Target, Primary, etc, and check for baby/kid stuff first, as most of the shops people have recommended to us don't actually sell kids' items), feel free to link them in the comments to spread the word! We'll vet the comments and update this post a few times a week.


We design and create baby, kids, and even a few grownup clothes with positive messages and nary a gender cliche in sight. We believe clothes send a message, and our mission is to flip the script on gender cliches and spread positive messages one fashion statement at a time.

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