Father's Day Gift Guide

May 24, 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and that means presents.

Presents for Father’s Day are tough. Mostly, people get ties. Mostly ties get stuffed in drawers. Sometimes, people get cufflinks. Mostly those get stuffed in drawers, too. Sometimes people go all creative and get craft beer sets Dads don’t have time for, or printed socks he’ll never wear, or subscriptions to upscale shaving clubs that leave him shaking his head.

We here at Free to Be Kids have your solution. It's simple, people: get the dads in your life a t-shirt. Dads will tell you that you can never, ever have too many awesome t-shirts. And get the kids t-shirts that brag about how awesome their dads are! Because it's a pretty awesome feeling to see yourself celebrated as smart, kind, feminist, or a straight up superhero.

Which t-shirt is right for your particular dad and your particular situation? Luckily, we’ve put together a gift guide for that. So fear not. Here’s some help picking the perfect present for the dads in your life! Click on any picture to zip over to our Father's Day Store. Oh and psst, Father's Day is Sunday, June 17. Order by Sunday, June 10 to get your goodies on time.

For the Kiddo:

It’s fun to wake up on Father’s Day, only to be surprised with kids wearing shirts that proclaim your awesomeness. Here are some of our best bets to make Dads smile.

Kind like Daddy/ Kind like My Dad -- We like this one because it shows Dad’s softer side. Have a Daddy who’s especially good at lullabys, soothing crying babies, bandaging skinned knees, and helping rescue pups? A dad who’s into volunteering? This is the shirt for the rugrats in your life. It comes in all our typical FTBK styles -- baseball tee, unisex/fitted cut tee, and romper.

Kind like My Dads -- Got two dads who fit the description above? Lucky kid! This shirt is for you! Because we don’t want to make one daddy feel left out and sad, or leave both daddies wondering which of them, exactly, is the kind one. Like the other version, this one comes in baseball tee, unisex/fitted tee, and onesie.

Smart like Daddy/Smart like My Dad -- I know a daddy who’s super into science. He collects fossils, delights in teaching kids about paleontology, nature, and the world around them. This shirt is perfect for one of his kids. It’s also fits great for kids whose dads are English literature professors, concert pianists, civil engineers, or just that dude who seems to know everything. Dad will be flattered. Kid will be gleeful that she’s smart, too. Win/win. Comes in the same versions as our other tees.

Smart like My Dads -- Because you shouldn’t have to pick one dad to be the smart one! It’s Father’s Day. Today, both of them get to be shining paragons of brilliance and knowledge. And again: no one feels left out, be they same-sex parents or step-parents. We don’t think anyone deserves to be left out, and that especially includes parents who have been historically marginalized or erased. So wear proclaim it loud and proud!

Daddy & Me Sets

Because sure, it’s cute to wake up and see your moppet dressed in a cool shirt. But it’s even cooler to open your gift and find a matching one.

Feminist like Daddy/Feminist: Did Dad go to the Women’s March? Does he constantly support progressive causes, vocally, get in Facebook arguments with trolls and often defend the rights of women? Or maybe he’s the quieter kind of feminist, the kind that applauds Benedict Cumberbatch for saying that he won’t do a project unless the women he works with are paid equally. Loud or quiet, this shirt is the one for him and the one for his little one. “Feminist like Daddy” comes in our standard kid sizes, and “Feminist” in our adult t-shirts.

Feminist like My Dads/Feminist: Talk about intersectionality! This is for the dads who’ve got that going on. They’re woke. They believe in that all social justice is wrapped up together, and until all of us achieve freedom, none of us will. These shirts make powerful statements to the world at large, and women in particular -- and especially to little girls.

Dad is My Superhero/Love is My Superpower: If you’ve got a houseful of people, small and large, who can’t wait for the next Avengers movie to drop, these shirts are for you. But they turn the superhero paradigm on its head: it’s not about leaping buildings and fighting monsters, but about love, love, love. If you know a Dad or Dads who are  always showing love in ways both small and large, who always brew the coffee first and changes the sheets when someone’s had an accident; who is beloved of small children and dogs, this is the shirt for them. “Dad is My Superhero” comes in our standard kid sizing, and “Love is My Superpower” in our teen/grown-up shirts.

I’m a Cat Guy: This is one of our most beloved shirts. Everyone loves a fuzzy kitty, even big scary dudes. For the kitty-loving men in your life, we’ve got matching kid/dad shirts. So both of them can proclaim their love of all things cat while matching each other. Super sweet for a guy who loves his kids -- and his kitten. “I’m a Cat Guy” comes in our kids’ baseball tee, t-shirt, and romper, plus our grown-up teen/adult sizing.

Mr. Nice Guy: Want to highlight everyone’s sweetness? Want to remind everyone that nice guys don’t finish last, that kindness will get you places, and that their niceness is something you value deeply? Then this shirt is for the dad/kid combo in your life. It comes in our standard kid and grown-up sizes, so you can match perfectly.

Unicorns Rule, Bro: Need something a little edgier? If dad is a bit of a hipster, or maybe just likes tattoos and/or unicorns, this is the shirt for him. It delightfully bends gender stereotypes while still offering a masculine style to a traditionally overly feminine creature. It’s fun. It’s trippy. If dad has a tat or two, this might be the shirt for him -- and the matching combo for his little rugrats. Comes in standard kid and grown-up styles, plus a romper.

Team Love: It’s a stereotype that all dads love sports. Because they don’t. But many dads do, and if you’ve got one of them in your life, this shirt may be the one for him -- especially if he’s going to Little League Games and soccer tournaments with a tradition of parents getting hot under the collar. A matching one for his kids will really hammer the message home. Available in baseball tees, and t-shirts for kids, plus our regular adult sizes.   


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