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Behind The Design: Hip Hop Bunny - A Bunny Shirt for Boys and Girls (March '16)

Posted by Courtney Hartman on

Last year the little man and I were shopping at Gap Kids for a special outfit he could wear to his third birthday party when he spotted three glittery, sparkly bunny shirts and one awesome hoodie printed in a photo-real bunny pattern. All in the girls' section, of course! Being an innocent almost-three-year-old who had no pesky inhibitions about shopping on the "wrong" side of the store, his little eyes lit up. He had narrowed down his choices.

The bunny hoodie was the winner, and it became an adorable staple of his wardrobe. If he'd chosen a glittery pink bunny shirt we would have let him wear it, but shouldn't a dude have options? And shouldn't girls as well, for that matter? Do you have to like bunnies and pink and glitter together all the time? Can't a kid like one without the other? After all, girls aren't the only ones who can appreciate a funny-faced, snuggly little creature like a bunny... And bunnies look awesome on all colors (and shapes!) of shirts. 

This year my son won't have to raid the girls' section for a bunny shirt because I designed one that I knew he'd love. Meet our March tee, Hip Hop Bunny. He's our first design to be printed on three different styles: our signature raglans, short sleeve unisex tees, and a toddler "girly" cap sleeve tee. He's hippety hopping into our lives just in time to fill Easter baskets, but he'll be cute all year round. And oh my gosh, he comes in so many colors.

You can find Hip Hop Bunny in the Baby Section, the Toddler Section, the Youth Section, and yes, even the Grownup Section! I hope you love him.



Owner/Designer, Free To Be Kids

Raglans / Baseball Tees (6-12m - Adult 2XL)

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Hip Hop Bunny - A Bunny Shirt for Boys or Girls - Raglans


Short Sleeve Tees (2T-Adult 2XL)

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Free To Be Kids - Bunny Shirt for Boys or Girls - Unisex Short Sleeve Tee

Toddler "Girly" Tees (2T-6T)

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Free To Be Kids - Bunny Shirt for Boys or Girls - Toddler Girly Tee

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