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Behind The Design: Love Yourself (April '16)

Posted by Courtney Hartman on

Last month our "I Love My Thighs" baby onesie went viral on Facebook. The message of positivity, self-acceptance and empowerment on a little baby body has always resonated with people. Start 'em young with the self-esteem and celebration of their true selves, right?

As the photo made the rounds several grownups jokingly commented that they needed a similar shirt for themselves, which got me thinking, what would be the big kid and/or grownup version of "I Love My Thighs"? What would be the most empowering message we could put on a shirt for girls, boys, men, or women of all types? And this was the answer:

Love Yourself Toddler T-Shirt By Free To Be Kids

Love yourself - plain and simple. Love your body, love your mind, love your quirks, and your differences, and everything that makes you who you are.

Love is the message. Wear it, live it, and spread it all around!

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