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Baby Rompers Are Here!

Posted by Courtney Hartman on

Free To Be Kids infant rompers

I'm SO excited to share that we've expanded our baby collection to include adorable little short-sleeved rompers for spring! Rompers are my absolute personal favorite baby garment. I just adored dressing my son in them when he was little, and when my daughter was born I couldn't wait for her to follow in his shoes. When it finally dawned on me that the childrenswear industry at large considered rompers to be boys' clothes, and that I wouldn't be finding any rompers that broke the super-boyish mold (polo collars, truck and dinosaur appliques), I was pretty bummed. "I guess the assumption is just that girls will wear dresses," I told my husband. But weren't dresses kind of impractical for babies, who are always in five-point harness carseats, strollers, and swings, not to mention baby carriers?

So naturally, at Free To Be Kids, rompers are for all the kiddos. Our spring line includes twelve cute romper designs (and counting), each of which is available in either heather grey, for those who dig a neutral tone, or sunshiney yellow for those who like a little brighter pop. They are super sturdy and amazingly snuggly and cozy. I hope you and your babies love them!

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